Concourse De' Italiano- Pebble beach

18th Hole

1st Concourse De' Italiano apppearance!! Within "9" months of business!!!!

Indy 550 Race Car

 We are the 1st Company to be invited as a  "Vendor" for a "Detail", product.

Be #1 With US

Ranked #1 by "Grass Roots Magazine." as the "Best Detail Product" among the name Brands..

great testimonial!!

Thomas Binnebose, Lompoc Ca,

Hey Jay,

I have been using Who's Magic Solution for almost 4 years. When I first saw it being used, I was skeptical due to my car having a flat finish, but after the first demonstration on my car I had to have it. Not only cleaning the surface, but creating more gloss in the finish and bringing out more of the color. I have since painted that car with a high gloss root beer finish and I will not use any other product on my vehicle.I use it on everything, paint, windows, chrome, even upholstery. The stuff is truly "Magic". Thank you Jay for an "Amazing" product.