company Accolades/ Announcements


1).  "In the 9 months in Business", we were Vendors at the" Largest" Exotic car show in California the "Concourse De' Elegance" and "Concourse De' Italiano". 


2.   November, 8th. 2016 "Classic Motorsports Magazine", addition. Best detail product among the 14 Top Brands in the World.

3)   First, Small outside Company to "Host" a car show at the "World Pirelli Races", at Laguna Seca. This was in the same year of 2016.  " Mothers", was replaced by us "Who's Magic Solution". First time "ever" that any other company has "Hosted" this event.

4) More to come.......We are just getting started..

5)   April 18th, 2018 



Launch Date:  TBA

coming soon to "Amazon"...  "Who's  Magic Solution" will be selling  #1 Rated Product....TBA ...should be before Father's Day. 


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