Mission Statement

  1. we are a company made up of individuals who share the ideals of our founder and "Who's Magic Solution" inventor,  julio "Who" Rivera. A company whose mission consist of conserving our most valuable natural commodity, water.!! While living in Central California, in the San Joaquin Valley, I witnessed first hand how valuable water is to or society. Living in the "Bread Basket" of America. WHO'S MAGIC SOLUTION was his solution! Who's Magic Solution helps by allowing you to "wash" your car without the need of water. This means every time you use Who's Magic Solution to clean your entire car, you can be conserving up to 110 gallons of water that would be used to wash your car.
  2. Not only did I create a product that will help our natural environment, but actually created a Revolutionary product that actually works! "Whos' Magic Solution", is the best car cleaning and detailing product that we have a 100% satisfaction guaranty! If after buying and trying Who's Magic Solution you are not satisfied, please return our product for a full refund(minus S&H).
  3. We hope that you choose Who's Magic Solution and you can rest assure that your purchase will be helping our natural environment and your personal economy.